Full Changelog

Shiginima Launcher Changelog:

Change log v1.405 (September 19, 2014)
- Added sponges
- Added more sponges
- Fixed an issue where profiles were deleted
- Deleted sponges
- Re-added sponges
- Sponged up some bugs
- Considering to add more themes; undecided

Change log v1.406 HOTFIX: (September 20, 2014)
- Removed the existing user login popup that caused many issues with
login and starting minecraft. Note: You will now have to input your
username every time you log in.
- Fixed error where minecraft won't start due to cleaning old natives Fatal error

Change log v1.500: (September 28, 2014)
- Added the ability to save usernames!
- Fixed UUID issue (Used to issue random UUID's which would mess up things)
- Added back in Launcher Website for launcher support
- Updated base code

Change log v1.550: (November 16, 2014)
- Auto login functionality added
- Changed how username data is stored
- Updated login screen
- Removed paul the cat

Change log v1.600: (November 22, 2014)
- Fixed UI Bugs
- Updated Storage system
- Updated source code
- Added news tab
- Added multiple language support

Change log v1.601: (December 2, 2014)
- Updated portugese translation
- Removed unnecessary dependencies

Change log v1.602: (January 3, 2015)
- Upgraded update system
- Now correct versioning system

Change log v2.000: (April 2, 2015)
- Updated bootstrap sources from latest minecraft launcher (1.6.11)
- Forge now works for 1.8 along with all the newer mods out there
- Added polish translation
- With updating to latest sources, you can now choose to play old alpha and old beta versions of minecraft
- Please, if you enjoy this game please consider purchasing it if possible. You get skins, that everyone can see :) Can't get that with any cracked launcher.
- Sped up launch process
- Added our website tab to be main
- Revamped design of our website news
- Fixed bug where it would let you play as a blank username
- Any other bugs or suggestions please E-Mail shiglauncher@yandex.com or visit http://teamshiginima.info/
- Translations are still in progress. Everything may not be translated for your language. If you would like to contribute, check out the launcher's news page.